Lie: Sukhoi fighters formed a contrail resembling Arjan Singh in their farewell to the National Hero

This is shameful and in such poor taste – something which befits a Bhakt.

They have no respect and regard for one of India’s greatest war heroes. They have made a mockery of the state honour given to Arjan Singh. The IAF’s Sukhoi-30 fighters in the “missing man” formation along with the Mi-17V5 choppers in “insignia” formation made the flypast paying their last respects to the national hero.

But some Bhakts are comparing the images of a cartoon which resemble a Sikh with a moustache with the contrail of the Sukhoi-30 fighters – which is a blatant lie. Not only does it demean Arjan Singh but also shows how low the Bhakts have stooped down to grab a few brownie points for the Government.

Mind you, this is the same Government and the same Prime Minister who decided to celebrate his birthday in style despite the whole nation mourning the death of a great national patriot.

It is not surprising then that the Bhakts of such a PM and the ideology he represents show scant regard for even a great national hero like Arjan Singh. It really shows what their core is made of! Lies, dishonesty and deceit – they will resort to everything and anything to promote their narrow-minded ideology and propaganda and stay in power. Shame!

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