Lie: Rahul Gandhi was detained at Boston Airport for carrying drugs

#Truth: Yes, Rahul Gandhi was detained at the Boston airport in 2001 by the FBI, but only because U.S. had been hit by the dastardly September 11 terror attacks then.

Rahul Gandhi was travelling from Boston to Washington when he was detained. The only unfortunate part is that the FBI agents did not let him go even after verifying his travel documents.

As per the Hindu, Congress president Sonia Gandhi spoke to the Indian Ambassador in the U.S., Mr. Lalit Mansingh, who then intervened and sorted out the matter.

Stopping anyone for questioning for an hour or so was a routine as the U.S. was reeling under the shock of 9/11 that had taken place just two weeks prior to this incident.

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  1. Nareshver Jamwal
    September 24, 2017

    BJP always try to fool people but this platform will expose the truths & lies, it seems.

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