Lie: Yogi government bringing about a change in UP

#Truth: UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is losing his charm.

When Yogi Adityanath was elected as the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, there were high hopes from him.

The BJP firebrand leader soon made to headlines after assuming the Chief Minister’s Office with his ban on paan and gutka in offices, constituting anti-Romeo squads ostensibly to crack down on eve-teasing (though this went awry early on, with even young couples being hauled up by the police), asking his ministers to declare their assets and devote two hours a week on cleanliness efforts, telling them not to interfere in the transfer of officials etc.

His announcement of waiving off loans worth Rs. 36,000 crore and shutting down illegal slaughterhouses, both, turned out to be injurious for the party.

He failed to waive off loans and at many places, declaring waiver as low as 19 paise has turned out to be a mockery of the farmers’ distress. Whereas, the brunt of the closure of slaughterhouses was felt my Muslims as well as Dalits, who lost their employment due to the diktat.

Children deaths is another blot on the Yogi Government. The death of children in Gorakhpur’s BRD hospital has tainted Yogi’s image, who represented this constituency in the Lok Sabha for five terms.

Under the reign of the Yogi Government, the state has only witnessed rising crime graph, unemployment, rampant corruption, distressed farmers, and empty coffers.

As a result, restlessness is growing in Uttar Pradesh, and people have begun to question the mismatch between the promise and the reality.

Adityanath has always scored points with his ability to polarise public opinion on Hindu-Muslim lines, but how many times will the people’s vision be blurred by it.

They are waking up and have started raising questions on the present government’s inefficiency and incompetency.

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