Looks like Amit Shah has no clue about Jammu and Kashmir’s development

While speaking in favour of their decision to revoke Article 370 and withdraw the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday said that there was no development in the state due to the same.

“The government of India sent Rs 2,77,000 crore from 2004 to 2019 for the development of Jammu and Kashmir and its citizens. But there was no development due to corruption. Because of 370, the agencies responsible for checking corruption were not allowed to operate in the state,” he said.

However, this claim by Shah is false and absolutely baseless. In fact, Jammu and Kashmir has managed to stay ahead of many states in terms of development.

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For instance, let’s compare the development that has taken place in Gujarat and that in Jammu and Kashmir.

Among other factors, one is percent of rural population below poverty line (2011-12). On one hand, where Gujarat had 22 percent of rural population below poverty line (2011-12), Kashmir had 12 per cent of rural population below poverty line during the same period.

Similarly, there are other parameters shown in the creative below which prove that Jammu and Kashmir is way ahead of Gujarat in terms of development.

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