Rahul Gandhi signed in the Non-Hindu register at Somnath Temple

Rahul Gandhi visited Somnath Temple today and signed himself in the Hindu Register. But a desperate and rattled BJP is LYING that he signed the Non-Hindu register. The dirty tricks department of the BJP are spreading lies and a fake image in which they are showing that Rahul Gandhi and another Congress leader signed the Non-Hindu register when there is clear evidence which proves otherwise.

They are now resorting to the lowest level of political discourse as they are on the backfoot in Gujarat after their Model of Development has clearly failed and the people, now fed up, are now looking for a change. The BJP has spread lies and propaganda for the last 22 years in Gujarat and finally have been exposed.

So the BJP is now stooping down to the lowest levels of political jargon. They are resorting to their favourite card – of giving the election a communal colour.

Demonetisation, GST, scams in Gujarat, an inefficient Chief Minister, farmers and Dalits on the boil, Patidars’ protests, fake CDs – the BJP has broken the trust of the Gujarati people. Modi has used them and their hardwork for his own propaganda. He has let down the Gujarat which made him. The BJP is scared now. This is a new low they have stooped down to.

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