LIE: Rahul Gandhi is immature

It’s very easy to hurl abuses and level allegations against somebody, especially when you have an army of goons sitting in front of screens, waiting to target a person as soon as he does any activity.

Similar is the tendency of the BJP to target Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi in all the means possible. The dirty tricks department (social media team) of the BJP indulges in faking images, videos and spreading the same with the intention of harming Rahul Gandhi’s reputation.

But, as it is said, the truth always triumphs, their attempts fail every time. There are genuine people out there who believe that the right needs to be shown, and therefore, even we want to show you a video.

The video is a compilation of 2-3 lies out of many that the BJP has spread about the Congress vice-president and its strong counter, showing the absolute truth.

Have a look for yourself:

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