No Mr. Modi, those 99 irrigation projects were never shut down

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as has been noted earlier also, is fond of quoting wrong facts and false claims. He committed another blunder by making wrong statement on this Independence Day.

While delivering his Independence Day speech on August 15 from the rampants of Red Fort, Prime Minister Modi said, “Farmers are using micro-irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinklers and on the other end, work on 99 closed down big irrigation projects is now on-going.”

Well, according to Fact Check India, those 99 irrigation projects were never shut down.

According to Fact Check India, the claim made by PM Modi was false.

“These 99 high-priority irrigation projects were never shut down. They were taken up under the Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP) that began in 1996-97, and prioritised for completion by December 2019 under NDA government in July 2016 “as these can be completed in a period of 2-3 years if estimated funds are made available”,” Fact Check India said in its tweet.

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“Of 99 ‘high-priority’ projects to be completed by December 2019, 54 were to be completed in 2 phases by March 2018, said NITI Aayog roadmap. Nearly 6 months past deadline, 23 projects are pending completion, only 31 irrigation projects completed so far; 45 more to be completed by December 2019,” its another tweet read.

Well, instead of making tall claims, it would have been better had Prime Minister Modi done his homework properly and would have then made points in his speech accordingly.

It cannot be helped though, as our Prime Minister is fond of making false claims.

In his Independence Day speech itself, he ended up making so many wrong statements. Another one was saying that the women officers of the armed forces will not have the option to take up permanent commission.

“Women officers who have been selected through the Short Service Commission in our defence forces will now have the option to take up permanent commission,” he had said.

Well, for his kind information, such a provision of permanent commission for women officers in the armed forces exists since 2008 i.e. from the time of the UPA government.

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