BJP uses fake video to show Congress sponsoring FB ads in Pakistan

Amit Malviya, In-charge of Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) national Information and Technology, shared a post and video on his Twitter account with a tweet claiming that Congress was running ‘Remove Modi’ campaign in Pakistan.

His first tweet read, ” Official Congress page sponsoring ads on Facebook in Pakistan to remove Modi!”

In the second tweet, Malviya posted a video along with the caption, “Video recording of Congress’s official page where it can be seen that they are running ‘मोदी हटाओ’ campaign in Pakistan.”

However, on seeing this, when we followed the same steps as shown in the video posted by Malviya, we did not find the claim to be true. In fact, it said, “They aren’t running any ads in any other country.”

We also made a video similar to the one posted by Malviya just to make it more authentic.

In today’s time and age, where technology is literally in your hands, and anything can be manipulated or morphed with just a swipe, one needs to be careful before believing it.

The BJP has a history of distorting facts and manipulating things in their favour. This video also points towards the same and in a way, can be termed as BJP’s another attempt to malign the image of the Congress party.

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