Postcard News share old image as RSS workers aiding Kerala flood victims

Postcard News at it again!

Yes, the one that is the propagator of fake news, the one which is an expert in spewing venom in the form of fake news, PostCard News is once again at its work of spreading fake news and posting fake and old pictures.

The new Facebook page of PostCard News website, Post Card Fans posted two images purportedly showing Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) workers indulged in relief work during the recent Kerala floods.

The images were posted with the caption, “Hats off to RSS workers. They are helping flood affected people in several parts of Kerala, round the clock. Media will never show this. Share in huge number.”

The two images have also been shared by the Twitter handle @DrGPradhan, who is followed by Prime Minister Modi, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal’s office and newly appointed RBI Director S Gurumurthy.

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“Finally, Jesus has arrived in Kerala to save people from the flood in KAHKI Chaddi,” @DrGPradhan’s tweet read.

Another Facebook page, The Youth, also posted the same set of images with the same caption, “Media will never show.” This caption suggests nothing but an attempt to establish one as superior to the other.

Now, what is ironical is that PostCard News had posted the same set of images back in September 2016, showing RSS workers helping Bihar flood victims. That time also, their caption suggested the same that media would refrain from showing this side of the RSS.

Not just this, Alt News found multiple users on social media who shared the same set of images between August 27 and August 28, 2016, as West Bengal floods took place that same year.

While, this is not confirmed as to whether these viral images of RSS worker providing aid was taken during floods in either of the two states, but one thing is sure, that these definitely do not pertain to the recent Kerala floods.

No matter how hard RSS might try to change its image of being a right-wing organisation, it will always remain so because its hatred for other communities is visible in both it acts and speech.

Credit: Alt News

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