Modi Govt should refer to these sources for data on mob lynchings

The Minister of State (MoS) Home Hansraj Ahir very conveniently said in Parliament that the Centre does not have data related to cases of mob lynchings.

Clearly, this is nothing but a blatant lie by the government.

According to a report ‘Dismantling India’, 371 cases of mob violence have been reported across the country over the last four years. Out of these, 228 cases relate to violence against Muslims.

The data which has taken into account all the cases till July 3 comprises cases of incidents of violence against Muslims, Dalits, Christians and tribal communities, with dates and year as well.

IndiaSpend also came up with a similar compilation of hate crimes, reporting that a total of 85 incidents of hate crime related to cow vigilantism have taken place in last four years (2014-Jul 20, 2018). The report also mentioned that 34 people were killed in these incidents and 285 were attacked but survived.

But, the government has clearly turned a blind eye to these reports and have shown themselves to be ignorant of such crimes.

What is even worse is that we have ministers from the ruling party coming up with statements such as hate crimes being used as a conspiracy to defame Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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However, this is not the first time that the government has lied.

Earlier in December 2017, the Minister of State (MoS) Home had said that only two incidents of mob lynching took place in 2017.

Well, we would like to bring to their notice the data released by IndiaSpend.

In the past eight years, starting from 2010, cow-related hate crimes were maximum in 2017. According to IndiaSpend database, out of a total of 78 cow-related hate crimes since 2010, 35 were reported to have taken place in 2017.

Muslims were the target of 53% (42 of 75) incidents of violence centred on bovine issues in 2010-17 and comprised 87% (26 of 30) killed in 78 incidents, data show.

The database also shows that 97% (76 of 78) of such incidents were reported after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government came to power in May 2014.

More than half or 52% of the bovine-related violence–39 of 75 incidents–were reported in states governed by the BJP at the time, revealed IndiaSpend’s analysis of violence recorded until August 31, 2017.

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