BJP’s lies on Rahul Gandhi’s Kailash Mansarovar yatra exposed

BJP’s fake news machinery is at it again, trying to assert that the pictures posted by Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who is on a pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar, are not originals but taken from web engine Google and posted by him on his Twitter account.

The Congress Chief posted a couple of photos of the Mansarovar Lake, praising its waters to be gentle and tranquil.

“The waters of lake Mansarovar are so gentle, tranquil and calm. They give everything and lose nothing. Anyone can drink from them. There is no hatred here. This is why we worship these waters in India. #KailashYatra,” he tweeted.

Hours later, Gandhi posted another set of photos of the Raksash Tal.

“The stunning beauty of Lake Rakshas Tal. #KailashYatra,” he captioned the images.

A few loyalists of the BJP started ranting and accusing Gandhi of posting photos from the internet as that from his pilgrimage.

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BJP volunteer, Vikas Pandey, tweeted saying, “Why is @RahulGandhi tweeting mansarovar pictures from google image search? Is he actually there or still enjoying pig meat in Nepal?”

He tweeted again saying, “I am getting many corrections from my friends from Congress. While I do my research, see the pic below…”

National In-Charge of Social Media of BJP Mahila Morcha, Priti Gandhi, shared the same image as tweeted out by Vikas Pandey and wrote, “Are you downloading pics from the internet and tweeting? Are you really at Mansarovar or someplace else?”

Mahesh Vikram Hegde, the editor of factory of fake news, Post Card News also tweeted the same image and wrote, “Why Rahul Gandhi tweeting pictures off the internet? Is he somewhere else and pretending to be in Mansarovar?”

However, as usual, this time also, the fake news machinery of the saffron party failed to spread this narrative.

On doing a Google reverse-image search on both the photos tweeted by Rahul Gandhi, it was found that the same photo was on two web portals – Loktej and The Indian Awaaz – which carried articles about the Congress Chief tweeting these pictures.

Also, the Times of India drew a comparison between the images shared by Rahul Gandhi and those by Vikas Pandey. To nobody’s surprise, both pictures were different from each other.

It shows how the pictures on the left tweeted by Rahul Gandhi are different from the one on the right posted by Vikas Pandey. A close look at the clouds proves that the photos are different.

Of course, when anyone uploads a picture online it gets picked up by Google and starts showing up on the search engine. But of course, the BJP cadre lacks common sense to understand such a common thing, or they are so busy propagating their fake narratives that they fail to measure rationality involved in the same.

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