Times Now spreads fake news, claims Congress’ Telangana manifesto is for ‘Muslims only’

English news channel Times Now once again propagated a false claim today. In of its tweets, the channel claimed that the Congress’ Telangana manifesto is for ‘Muslims only.’

“TIMES NOW Newsbreak- ‘Muslim only’ manifesto for Telangana confirmed. Today Cong’s Pro-Muslim tilt gets better. After Telangana, Congress pushes Muslim interests in another significant Indian state. Join @RShivshankar at 8PM and Tweet with #CongForMuslimsTape,” the tweet read.

However, turns out that the statement put out by Times Now is a sheer lie.

Looks like, it did not have a proper look at the Congress’ Telangana manifesto.

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The manifesto clearly mentions that free power supply will be given to all temples, mosques, churches and other places of worship.

Under the 32nd point ‘Religious Sector’, it is the first point that claims the same.


Despite the manifesto clearly stating this point, Times Now chose to conveniently ignore it and go ahead with its fake propaganda.

Being one of the leading news channels, it is its responsibility to fact-check everything before making a claim.

People watch news so that they get aware of what’s happening around them, so it is the news channels’ responsibility to present to them things that are true and fact-checked.

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