Tabassum Hasan did not say her victory in Kairana was a defeat of Ram

In an attempt to lift the spirits of the poor disheartened bhakt brigade, after BJP’s spectacular loss in the Kairana by-poll, Hindutva groups on social media and instant messaging apps started spreading fake messages. In one of these, attributed to the winner from Rashtriya Lok Dal of Kairana, Tabassum Hasan says, “This is a victory of Allah and defeat of Ram.” This is a fake message.

When contacted by a media house to verify, Tabassum Hasan said she would not make such a statement because she respected all religions and wanted everyone to live with humanity. She added, “When these people do not find any other way they have spread this fake quote with an eye on 2019. Kindly inform me if you find out who has done this. I am not such a person, nor have I said anything like this. What is the difference between Allah and Ram? It is about personal faith.”

This fake message and others that are similar were circulated in several groups and pages on social media some of these pages have over a million followers.

The Muslim and Jat community in Kairana lived in harmony until the riots in Muzaffarnagar in 2013 tore them apart. Many members of the Muslim community were fasting as it is the month of Ramzan, Jats gave up their place in the line so the Muslims could vote first. The fact that Tabassum Hasan won by such a large margin shows that the communities are ready to go back to the bond they shared before. This must be terrifying to the BJP and the Hindutva brigade and one must be vigilant to more attempts to discredit Tabassum Hasan and the united opposition while vilifying the Muslim community.

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