Pakistani Defence official account did not retweet Rahul Gandhi’s tweet

Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Giriraj Singh, on October 25, tweeted a screenshot of Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s tweet on the ongoing CBI controversy. It can be seen in the screenshot that Gandhi’s tweet was retweeted by a Twitter account “Pakistan Defence”.

Singh tweeted the screenshot along with the caption, ” Retweet indicates that someone is fighting for Pakistan in India.” Through his tweet, he tried to imply that Pakistan’s Defence wing was supporting Gandhi.

Anurag Dixit, whose handle is verified and is followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other top leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), also seconded Giriraj Singh’s claim.

There are several indications that suggest that the Twitter account “Pakistan Defence” (@defencedotpk), which retweeted Rahul Gandhi, is nowhere associated with Pakistan’s Defence Wing.

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First, it is not a verified handle since the blue tick which indicates the same was not there on the account.

Alt News gave many other clues to prove the same.

The handle’s bio reads, “Hit our website for free membership”. Which country’s defence wing would do that? No country’s defence wing offers “free membership” to civilians.

The major one and the most important, the Defence Ministry of Pakistan does not have an official Twitter handle.

There are many unofficial/parody accounts of various organisations on social media and people often fall for them. But, the most common check for such handles is to see whether they are verified or not and the easiest way to know is to see whether a blue tick (which proves that the handle is verified) is present on the account or not.

Especially in such times where people use such tactics to spread false propaganda and fake news, social media users should be very cautious before believing any piece of information.

One should always verify any piece of information they come across on social media.

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