MP Paresh Rawal circulates fake tweet of Rahul Gandhi

It speaks volumes of their commitment to truth and democracy when elected representatives of India share fake tweets. Paresh Rawal, elected MP from Ahmedabad East today shared a fake tweet of Rahul Gandhi, where Gandhi he wrote the measurement of petrol as “kg” instead of a liter. Quite apart from the tweet being fake, it seems that once again, BJP and it’s leaders will stop at nothing to malign the President of the Congress party. It also shows the apathy of the current government when they ignore the plight of the people and instead focus on the unit of measure and ignore the fact that fuel prices have reached an all-time high.

While the UPA government was in power, the BJP and its cronies would comment on the price rise of fuel being a failure of democracy, even though crude oil at the time was $109 a barrel and petrol was Rs. 74 a liter. Yet when crude oil is $80 a barrel the price of petrol in India is Rs. 85 a liter, they delete their old tweets and look for fake ways to distract the people of the country. In spite of the global prices crude being less in 2017, the BJP still did not reduce the price of petrol.

This is not the first time the actor has tweeted something objectionable. Paresh Rawal’s fondness for violence against anyone that speaks against the BJP is evident. Just last year when the army used a local carpet weaver as a human shield against stone pelters by tieing him to the front of a jeep, Paresh Rawal made a number of suggestions as to who should be tied to the jeep. His first preference was the so-called ‘anti-national’ Arundhati Roy, though his tweet was deleted. He also endorsed a suggestion that journalist Sagarika Ghose is used instead.


It is quite clear from these tweets that despite being a representative of the people, Mr. Rawal is only serving the BJP. Instead of putting across the concerns of the people he is more keen to malign or use online threats to anyone that speaks out against the ruling government. Perhaps it would do Mr. Rawal some good to understand the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship.

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