Muslims took out rally in support of Mandsaur rape victim

It is unfortunate to see people brazenly given a communal spin to heinous crimes such as rapes, that too also, of little innocent girls. Soon after the Mandsaur rape where a 7-year-old girl was raped by a Muslim, a message started doing rounds on social media.

The message says: Members of the Muslim community took out rally on the streets of Mandsaur demanding the release of the perpetrator because the Quran sanctions rape of non-Muslim women.

Along with the message is a link of an article from the website The title of the article reads, ‘क़ुरान में दूसरे धर्म की लड़कियों से बलात्कार जायज़, इरफ़ान खान को रिहा करो’ (Rape of non-Muslim girls valid according to Quran, release Irfan Khan).

There is a photograph in the article which shows Muslim men marching on some street and holding placards that say, ‘रफ़ान को रिहा करो’ (Release Irfan).

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As per AltNews, this website was registered only last month and on scanning the website, one would only find reports that are of a dubious nature.

Secondly, the picture used in the article is photoshopped. The original image is the one posted below. In fact, a rally was taken out but it was in support of the victim and against the perpetrator.

Also, the Muslims groups in the region have unanimously condemned the incident. They even went to the extent of appealing to not allow his body to be buried in any graveyard in Mandsaur.

In another such instance, a post by one ‘Rajiya Bano’ celebrating the Mandsaur rape surfaced on social media.

In the post she explains the Mandsaur rape as a Muslim man’s revenge for Asifa Bano’s rape in Kathua.

According to Rajiya Bano’s Facebook profile, she is a faculty member at ‘Our Lady of Fatima University’ (OLFU) in Pakistan and claims to have studied fashion art at the same university. First, OLFU is in the Philippines, not Pakistan. Secondly, it offers course in medicine, not fashion.

The profile picture used by this account is a lifted one and shows up in multiple page searches.

Finally, the post on May 20th reveals ‘Rajiya Bano’s’real identity. Comments prove that ‘Rajiya Bano’ is actually a man named Pawan Sharma who changed his profile name.

As the elections in Madhya Pradesh draw closer, hate spewing posts and profiles will keep popping up.

It is up to you to not fall for such false propaganda.

Credit: AltNews

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