Modi lies: Fourth anniversary edition

On the 4th anniversary of coming to power, Mr. Modi and the BJP are doing what they do best – engaging in a massive PR campaign claiming to have fulfilled what they promised. #SaafNiyatSahiVikas (Clean intentions, right development) is all on their Twitter page and the news channels that openly support their agenda. In the last four years he spent Rs. 4343 crores on publicity, quite possibly the amount has been doubled just today.

They claim to have taken action against corruption and black money, perhaps by hoarding it themselves. In the unplanned horror show that was demonetization, resulted in a decline in GDP growth rate from 7.93% to 6.50% and a loss of 15 lakh jobs in four months. 99% of the demonetized money is back in circulation and the RBI received Rs. 16,000 crores but ended up spending Rs. 21,000 crores in printing new notes. Since Mr. Modi came to power, there have been 12,787 bank frauds totaling Rs. 17,789 crores.

Claiming they have done a lot for farmers, the BJP forgets that farmers have marched protesting against the low MSPs and lack of loan waivers. Just today, it was reported that five farmers committed suicide in Rajasthan.

Women are being raped – some by BJP lawmakers while Mr. Modi stays silent.

Communal hatred is spread while Mr. Modi stays silent.

Farmers commit suicide while Mr. Modi stays silent.

Billionaires run away after scams while Mr. Modi stays silent.

Police brutality kills 13 people in Tamil Nadu while Mr. Modi stays silent.

Unemployment is the lowest in 8 years while Mr. Modi stays silent.

To see what the BJP is capable of, one just has to look at the elections that took place recently. In Karnataka, Mr. Modi’s Chief Ministerial candidate was BS Yeddyurappa who was in jail on charges of corruption and the Reddy brothers that stole Rs. 35,000 crores with illegal mining. If that wasn’t enough they harassed and attempted to bribe MLAs from JD(S) and Congress, even going so far as to meet the families of the opposition MLAs to get them to join the BJP. They got their stooge governor to invite BS Yeddyurappa to form the government in spite of the BJP not having a majority and then in the Supreme Court argued that they were above the constitution.

To be fair, Mr. Modi and his government have excelled in making minorities and women feel scared in their own country. He has done a brilliant job of helping his rich friends flout rules and regulations that would keep the citizens of India safe. He has done a great job of remaining silent. But his best performance has been in telling lies with a straight face. So earnest, as though he really believes all the rubbish he’s saying.

Forget everything else, the BJP does not even hide the fact that they are above all interested in power and money. They have shown that far from caring for about common people, they will go to any lengths to silence those that pose a threat to them. The President of the BJP is accused of murder and the RSS has been banned several times in the past. Spreading hate and fuelling communal tensions are what they excel at, let us hope that when it comes time for elections Indians remember – India is a secular democratic republic.



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