Modi govt never arranged for flight for ITBP troops

There have been various instances of fake news being propagated to boast about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s achievements. In another such instance, a photograph is doing rounds on the social media with the claim that the Prime Minister has ensured that our soldiers travel in air planes.

The photograph was first seen on November 1 as part of a collage posted on Facebook by a user named Govind Hindustani. The collage was posted as a status on a public group named ‘Hindustani’ to indicate towards the development made under the Modi government.

The caption posted along with the picture read, “For the last 60 years of Congress rule, our Army soldiers had to travel besides the toilet of the general compartment of the Indian Railways. Social media users sent the image to PM Modi and the then rail minister Suresh Prabhu. Now, Narendra Modi has arranged flights for army soldiers.”

The collage was shared by over 20,000 Facebook users and this picture in specific received 5,000 reactions and more than 500 shares.

However, the truth is far from what has been portrayed in this post.

First, this photo has nothing to do with any government initiative for soldiers nor does it have anything to do with the Army.

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The picture dates back to 2016, and is of personnel of Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force, who were airlifted from Kolkata to Kerala, where assembly elections were being held.

The arrangement was made by the Election Commission.

“During the 2016 Kerala Assembly elections, few companies of the ITBP had travelled via aircraft to save time. It is rare to send companies by air,” an ITBP officer told SM Hoaxslayer.

The official also informed that it was a one-time affair only and such an arrangement was not made again for ITBP.

Credit: SM Hoaxslayer

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