Lie: Majority of the country voted for Narendra Modi in the 2014 General Elections

As the propaganda of the ‘Modi wave’ was spread, people were made to believe that every class and community of people voted for Modi. However, this is as blatant a lie as ‘demonetisation was a huge success’, ‘GST was a huge success’ and many more.

There was a clear mandate, but the votes were fractured with BJP securing only 31% of the total votes. However, it did succeed in reaching the halfway mark, only because the votes were so fragmented and not because the ‘majority of the country voted for Modi’.

To make it simpler for you, less than four out of ten voters voted for NDA candidates.

So the ‘Modi wave’ is an absolute myth and nothing more.

69% of India DID NOT vote for Modi. That is, more than 2/3rd of the country did not vote for Modi. In fact, it was the lowest vote share for any single party to win the majority in India’s electoral history.

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