Lie: Mahatma Gandhi was responsible for the hanging of Bhagat Singh

This statement is so pathetic and so typical of the BJP/Right propaganda. They have always tried to pit Mahatma Gandhi against Bhagat Singh so that they can own the latter.

This needs to be countered at many levels. Gandhi believed in Ahimsa and he propagated non-violence. The Mahatma pleaded to the Viceroy multiple times to commute the death sentence to Bhagat Singh other revolutionaries. The proof is this letter Gandhi wrote to the Viceroy: M. K. Gandhi
March 23, 1931 The Viceroy,
Govt. of India.

It seems cruel to inflict this letter on you, but the interest of peace demands a final appeal. Though you were frank enough to tell me that there was little hope of your commuting the sentence of death on Bhagat Singh and two others, you said you would consider my submission of Saturday. Dr. Sapru met me yesterday and said that you were troubled over the matter and taxing your brain as to the proper course to adopt. If there is any room left for reconsideration, I invite you attention to the following.

Popular opinion rightly or wrongly demands commutation. When there is no principle at stake, it is often a duty to respect it.

In the present case the chances are that, if commutation is granted, internal peace is most likely to be promoted. In the event of execution, peace is undoubtedly in danger. Seeing that I am able to inform you that the revolutionary party has assured me that, in the event of these lives being spared, that party will stay its hands, suspension of sentence pending cessation of revolutionary murders becomes in my opinion a peremptory duty.

Political murders have been condoned before now. It is worth while saving these lives, if thereby many other innocent lives are likely to be saved and maybe even revolutionary crime almost stamped out.

Since you seem to value my influence such as it is in favour of peace, do not please unnecessarily make my position, difficult as it is, almost too difficult for future work. Execution is an irretrievable act. If you think there is the slightest chance of error of judgment, I would urge you to suspend for further review an act that is beyond recall. If my presence is necessary, I can come. Though I may not speak1 I may hear and write what I want to say. “Charity never faileth.”
I am,
Your sincere friend,
M. K. Gandhi

The BJP and the Right want to put down Gandhi and thus they want to show Bhagat Singh as their own and pit him against the Mahatma. But Bhagat Singh had the utmost respect for Gandhi and his views even though they disagreed on many ideas and the method of gaining independence. Also, it is laughable at how BJP can claim Bhagat Singh as their own – Bhagat Singh was a Marxist which is at the other end of the extreme Right ideology of the BJP and the Sangh Parivar.

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