LIE: THE UPA did nothing to resolve the Mahadayi issue

TRUTH: Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal (MWDT) was constituted under the UPA II government.


Employing his favourite method to campaign for his corrupt candidates, PM Modi once again lied blatantly about the Mahadayi issue. His claim that the Congress party did nothing to resolve the Mahadayi issue, but unsurprisingly the facts show a different story.

The Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal was set up in December 2010 under the UPA II government and in 2015 when the Mr. Siddaramaiah, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, wrote to the PM asking the centre to intervene and convene an interstate meeting, Mr. Modi took over two weeks even to give the all-party representation from Karnataka an audience.

And in yet another instance of a BJP led government not doing anything to resolve the issue, when CM Siddaramaiah wrote to the CM of Goa and Maharashtra to resolve the issue out of court, as suggested by MWDT, he received no response from either government. The all-party meet convened by Siddaramaiah in early 2018 to solve the water sharing dispute ended in a deadlock when the opposition members of the BJP hurled accusations.

In the meantime, while Goa CM Parrikar still refuses to share water with the parched districts in Karnataka, he talks about being “ready to share” for the media. Additionally, he also opposed 12 projects by Karnataka in January 2018 saying that the demand for water was not for drinking but irrigation. Instead of holding talks with the Chief Minister of Karnataka, CM Parrikar decided instead to talk to BS Yeddyurappa.

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