Lie: Rahul Gandhi did not go to Cambridge

I think the BJP has forgotten that Rahul Gandhi is not Smriti Irani, who will lie about his degree or academic qualification. Not everybody is like Narendra Modi and Irani, who have mired in controversies surrounding their educational qualification.

Rahul Gandhi has a very clear educational background and has attained his education from the most prestigious institutions in India as well as abroad.

Starting from Doon School, Rahul pursued History Honours at St. Stephen’s College, Economics at the Harvard University and finally an M.Phil in Development Economics from Cambridge University’s Trinity College.

Yes, you heard that right, Cambridge University.

Of course, he will not carry his degrees everywhere just to prove the point, but it is an undeniable fact that Rahul, just like his entire family, has a proper educational background, unlike the BJP’s bunch of illiterate fools.

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