LIE: The people of Karnataka have chosen the BJP

TRUTH: Congress won more votes than the BJP in Karnataka



In the Karnataka election, the BJP won in more constituencies that the Congress or the JD (S) but an alliance between the Congress and the JD (S) has led to a BJP defeat in the state. Clinging to the moral victory card, BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate said, “People of Karnataka supported the BJP in a big way. Congress is trying to come to power through back door, people will not tolerate this. Despite being rejected Congress is trying to grab power.”

As far as the people of Karnataka goes, the Congress party itself had 1.8% more vote share than the BJP. When combined with the JD (S) the vote share is 20% more than what the BJP has won. So clearly the people of Karnataka are not as sold on the idea of the BJP and BS Yeddyurappa as he believes. In fact, the Congress party received 1,38,24,005 votes while the BJP received 1,31,85,384. The difference is more than 6.38 lakh people that want the Congress party.

As far as the moral victory and accusing the Congress of grabbing power goes, the Yeddyurappa has conveniently forgotten what the BJP did in Goa, Manipur, and Meghalaya where they formed the government despite the Congress government winning the majority. And that is quite apart from the fact that not allowing the JD (S) – Congress alliance to form the government is unconstitutional. And the fact that the BJP, given a week to prove majority, have decided to reach out to JD (S) and Congress MLAs, a move that would be considered dirty politics for any other party, but when it comes to the BJP, it is good strategy. The double standards of the journalists and the BJP shouldn’t be surprising but it is astounding that there isn’t a public outcry at the demolition of our democracy.

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