LIE: People are with me and the BJP and I am confident that we will be in power for the next five years: BS Yedyurappa.

TRUTH: BJP does not have the majority. At 104 they cannot form the government.


Despite being against the Constitution, the Governor of Karnataka, Vajubhai Vala, invited BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa to be sworn in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka. In order to form the government a party must have 113 seats, however, the BJP won 104 seats. The Congress and the JD(S) formed a post-poll alliance and together they have 117 seats.

In many instances, in the past, the BJP has formed the government in spite of the Congress winning the largest number of seats. This was the case in Goa, Manipur, and Meghalaya. On the 14th of March, 2017, the Supreme Court set the precedent – if no party wins enough seats to form the government, the parties with a post-poll alliance with the majority will be asked to form the government. In this case, it is clear that the Congress and JD(S) alliance have enough at 117.

It is clear that Amit Shah and Mr. Modi are ready to slay the Constitution of our country and all casualties are acceptable to them, even that of our democracy, as long as they get to win. It is clear that the Governor is a pawn of the BJP and is willing to give up legal precedents to please his masters.

If it turns out to be true and BS Yeddyurappa does stay in power for the next five years we should be very worried. Our democracy has been attacked, our Constitution subverted, the leaders of the country ignore the plight of the people but offer 100s of crores to buy MLAs. We are being ruled by thugs and bullys intent on destroying our country. Will we sit quietly and just let that happen?

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