LIE: Pandit Nehru compromised India’s interests

TRUTH: When it comes to fake news, has always been at the forefront in spreading fake news. Especially, when it comes to defaming the Congress Party, leaves no opportunity to propagate fake news and malign grand old party’s image. A similar attempt was made by this website recently regarding India’s first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Many decisions taken by Pandit Nehru as the first prime minister of Independent India have been reported on the website as being taken in personal interest. They should be ashamed of maligning such a leader’s reputation whose role in the freedom struggle was so prominent that he is still remembered and respected. It was Nehru’s policies that that made India from an under-developed nation to a developing one. It was Nehru’s policies and plans, that once implemented, led to the economic growth of the country.

India, which was once in the hands of britishers, was freed Pandit Nehru and other prominent leaders of the time, who did not care about their lives but only focussed on getting their motherland freedom. And sites like, instead of glorifying them and paying them tribute, only speaks ill and lies about them.

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If there is evil, there is good also. While published articles showing Nehru’s decisions as negative, we bring to you counters to all of them and prove how those decisions taken by Pandit Nehru then were always taken in national interest.

Below are the creatives which show the lies spread by and the truth, which will prevail, no matter what happens:

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