LIE: Modi’s model of development better than UPA’s

TRUTH: After being three years in power, the BJP Government has utterly failed at development.

It has proven one thing for sure, that all its claims were hollow and so far, it has not been able to make any mark in terms of development.

It was very easy for the BJP to criticise the UPA government and the schemes introduced under its reign, but all this while it forgot to focus on its own performance and ruined the well-growing economy.

Apart from disasters like Demonetisation and management disorders like GST, the economy has been hit hard under Modi’s tenure.

There are hardly any jobs being created, the poor are becoming poorer, village electrification promises have remained only promises, education is being saffronised – in short, the economy is bleeding.

Whatever is being written here are not just mere words, but we will be backing them with facts.

In fact, if one sees numbers, the story is quite opposite to what is being projected by the saffron party.

The Modi Government came to power on the pretext of development, but the following pictures are a proof that whatever was done during the previous regime has also been destroyed.

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