LIE: BJP did not hire Cambridge Analytica

TRUTH: This video exposes that BJP hired Cambridge Analytica for elections

In an interview with NDTV, co-founder of Cambridge Analytica’s Indian counterpart Avneesh Rai told that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) hired their services for the 2012 assembly elections. He further told that the data collected was delivered to BJP leaders Sanjay Joshi, Narendra Singh Tomar and others. Avneesh Rai also said that he had done election work for clutch of BJP leaders including current Union Minister Mahesh Sharma.

Rai also suspected that Alexander Nix, the disgraced CEO of the UK-based data gathering firm may have plotted to defeat the Congress party ahead of India’s 2014 parliamentary elections. He said Nix was funded by a mystery client whose NRI representative said “we are here to defeat Congress”. When Rai asked Nix, he supposedly said “we are here to make money”.

It is clear that the BJP posed its own person as Congress client to sabotage the grand old party. Their aim was to portray themselves as being associated with Congress and simultaneously spread rumours about Congress and building a positive image of the BJP. But, this interview has exposed the BJP and has once again proven that it only resorts to dirty tricks to malign others as it does not have any substance in itself.

The Congress also produced evidence to prove the links between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Cambridge Analytica. It shared the former BJP IT data head and current head of MyGov website Arvind Gupta’s tweet praising Cambridge Analytica in 2017 and also claimed that Union minister Smriti Irani followed Cambridge Analytica on Twitter.

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