Fake news fans community violence in Lucknow

A few days after the ghastly rape of a 7-year-old girl in Mandsaur, another rape incident occurred in Lucknow. A minor girl was allegedly gangraped and the incident was filmed by the perpetrators, news reports claimed.

The accused in the Mandsaur rape from the minority community – Irfan and Asif were arrested and have confessed to their crime. Post-Lucknow rape, the Right-wing tried to colour the incident in the same vein. They said the Lucknow accused were from the minority community.

A photograph of the alleged perpetrator and victim has been doing rounds on social media, accompanied with a message, “मंदसौर के बाद लखनऊ में नाबालिग बच्ची से दुष्कर्मआरोपी खालिद और इरफान गिरफ्तारवीडियो भी बनाई (After Mandsaur, minor girl raped in Lucknow. Accused Khalid and Irfan arrested… they also made a video).”

Alt News did a fact-check and found that the text doing the rounds has been picked from a website – News Yojana, a news website which carries stories having no shred of truth.

Firstly, the claim that the accused in the Lucknow rape case are Khalid and Asif is false. The two accused in the case are Bhola Chandrakumar and Kushmesh Kanaujiya, as per Lucknow SSP, Deepak Kumar.

Secondly, the image showing the alleged perpetrator and victim is dated and nowhere related to this incident. The photo of the Muslim man is of a person who was beaten up in train in Uttar Pradesh last year.

The photograph of the girl dates back to 2015.

Such messages are circulated only to fan communal violence and pit one community against another.

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