Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy has not transferred DGP Neelamani Raju

Fake news generator, Postcard news published an article claiming that HD Kumaraswamy transferred DGP Neelamani Raju of Karnataka because she irked CM of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee.

Mahesh Vikram Hegde, co-founder, and editor of Postcard news arrested for publishing fake news has continued to circulate untrue stories.

The story was then carried by Right Wing newspaper Swarajya calling it Kumaraswamy’s first high profile transfer.

Interestingly, DNA, one of India’s leading English newspapers, did not think to verify the story, choosing to write the story about the ‘transfer” as well.

The same happened with the editor of ANI, Smita Prakash.

BJP MP Rajeev Chandrashekhar, a former journalist, also showed surprising lack of journalistic integrity and asked why Mamata Banerjee got to decide the fate of Karnataka’s police officers.

The news, of course, is fake. DGP Neelamani Raju has not been transferred.

Earlier today, another BJP MP, Paresh Rawal, tweeted a fake tweet of Rahul Gandhi. It seems that the BJP and its leaders will stop at nothing to defame the leaders of what is increasingly becoming a strong and united opposition. Their strategy appears to be ensuring that everyone is busy disputing their lies so they are distracted by the severe failures of the BJP. Mr. Modi completes four years as Prime Minister tomorrow, one wonders how many lies will be circulated about his good performance then.

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