BJP Social Media Incharge circulates an old unverified video of Rajiv Gandhi

Bitter after the loss of the election in Karnataka and public outrage over rising fuel prices, the BJP and their mouthpiece Amit Malviya shared a video of Rajiv Gandhi allegedly justifying the Sikh riots of 1984. The video was first released by AAP leader HS Phoolka and BJP Leader RP Singh in 2015 to call on the government to withdraw the Bharat Ratna conferred to Rajiv Gandhi.

Attempting to distract people from Congress’s election victory in Karnataka and rising fuel prices, this video was released by the BJP on the day when petrol prices hit an all-time high of Rs. 84 a litre just shows the desperate need of the BJP to change the topic of conversation.

In the video, Rajiv Gandhi’s voice cracks and changes when he starts talking about the riots. An online news portal found sync lapses in the speech. People that knew Rajiv Gandhi have condemned the use of this video calling it a fake.

Senior lawyer Sanjay Hegde said that this was not the original voice of Rajiv Gandhi and advised legal action.

Journalist and former MP, Pritish Nandy, who knew Rajiv Gandhi personally, said that this was not his voice.

Other Twitter users condemned the video disgusted by depths to which Malviya has fallen to defame the Congress party and the Gandhi family.


Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on the evening of 2 Nov 1984 took to TV and Radio to say “…some people are casting a slur on (Indira Gandhi’s) memory by indulging in acts of hatred and violence. This must stop forthwith. This violence is only helping the subversive forces. Communal violence will destroy everything India stands for. As Prime Minister of India, I cannot and will not allow this.” Far from justifying the riots, it is clear from his statement while the riots were still on, that he will not condone violence in any form. Further, from the banners on the stage, it is apparent that the video with the morphed audio, is clearly from an event that is long after the riots ended.

During his interaction at UC Berkely, Rahul Gandhi shares his experience of the day his grandmother died and condemns the violence that followed.

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