Ashok Gehlot did not say that electricity taken out of water makes it useless for farming

A video of AICC General Secretary Ashok Gehlot has been making the rounds on social media where Mr. Gehlot says that if electricity is removed from water it becomes useless for farming. In fact, this is another instance of the troll armies that defend the nation from anti-national sentiments taking statements out of context to make the opposition sound stupid. One can’t entirely blame them when it comes to stupidity, it is understandable that they would want to level the playing field, but rather than getting smarter leaders their strategy, as always, is lying.

In fact, the former CM of Rajasthan, Mr. Gehlot in a conference said that when he was younger Jawaharlal Nehru was inaugurating a dam that would also be used for hydroelectricity and the Jan Sangh (the forerunner to the BJP) cadres spread rumours that – when electricity is taken out of water it becomes useless for farming. Ironically, Mr. Gehlot’s statement was intended to point out that the BJP and their followers lie about the opposition.

The BJP IT cell, headed by Amit Malviya has in the past shared edited clips of journalist Ravish Kumar for spreading a fake agenda. It is unfortunate that while the people claim to be nationalists care so little about the country. Rather than promote things that would actually be good for the country, they promote and worship the activities of people determined to destroy everything the country stands for. They attack members of the opposition parties with fake videos or editing videos to take the message out of context. Even worse, they don’t even spare ordinary citizens or journalists.

Here is what the trolls claim he said

Here is the entire statement

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