6 of the 20 AIIMS hospitals were completed under UPA, only 3% funds released for other 11

Part of their media blitzkrieg on completing four years at the Centre, the BJP released a list of achievements – unsurprisingly, most of these are either just in the planning stages or they have just started. This was the case with Mr. Modi where he held a massive roadshow to inaugurate a mere 8.3 kilometres of the 82-kilometre Delhi-Meerut Expressway.

One of the supposed achievements was the establishment of two AIIMS hospitals in Jharkhand and Gujarat and the other was setting up 20 more hospitals like AIIMS. In reality, this NDA government announced 13 new AIIMS hospitals since it came int power and none of these are anywhere near being completed.

Apart from the main AIIMS in New Delhi that was established in 1956 the other AIIMS that are working were really started during the previous NDA government in 2003 and completed during UPA government. Now if UPA worked in the same way the Modi led BJP does, the UPA would have taken credit for this work. Since they didn’t, Modi’s government was quick to claim credit. The way the BJP works, it is surprising they haven’t taken credit for the creation of the Internet. Although they did claim it was already in existence at the time of the Mahabharata.

Of the other 13 AIIMS, five have not yet received cabinet approval and only 3% of the funds for these have been released. Apart from that, in the 6 AIIMS that are working (the ones completed during the UPA government) 60% of the faculty positions and 81% of the nonfaculty positions are still vacant.

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