5 out of 15 BJP’s claims on rural sector are false

A part of Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) humongous celebration on the completion of four years in power, were the advertisements claiming several achievements made by the saffron party in these four years. Out of this, one was its 15 points (related to crop insurance, rural roads, and agricultural credit and production) claimed to have been completed.

However, fact check done by Fact Checker shows that out of the 15 claims, only eight were true, five false, one partly true and one unclear.

Let’s show you the five claims which turned out to be false actually:

Claim 1: Leading the country in carrier-based (through microorganisms) biofertiliser output, the northeast produced 55,036.4064 tonne in 2015, higher than any other region in India.

Truth: For their information, it’s the southern states that produced 55,036 tonne carrier-based biofertilisers in 2015-16. Data from the National Centre of Organic Farming showed the same. In fact, the northeastern states have not been a leader in it since 2010-11.

Claim 2: At 38.8 million hectare, area insured under the crop insurance scheme in kharif (monsoon crop) 2016 rose 41% from 27.6 million ha in kharif 2013.

Truth: The area insured did not rise to 41 percent but 36 percent, five percentage points lower than claimed. The Fact Checker gave reference of a CAG report and reply by minister of state for agriculture and farmers’ welfare Parshottam Rupala to the Lok Sabha on February 7, 2017.

Claim 3: Sum insured under the crop insurance scheme rose to Rs 1,35,190 crore in kharif 2016 from Rs 49,454 crore in kharif 2013.

Truth: The sum insured under the scheme was in fact Rs. 1,28,985, which is Rs. 6,205 crore less than claimed.

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Claim 4: Agricultural commodities worth Rs 36,000 crore have been traded on the e-NAM.

Truth: Agricultural commodities worth Rs 31,424 crore have been traded on the e-NAM.

Claim 5: Substantial increase in area under organic farming to 2 million ha in 2014-17 from 723,000 ha in 2011-14.

Truth: Since Modi became the Prime Minister in 2014, the area under organic family has in fact fallen to 4.9 million ha from 6.8 million ha.

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