Out of 100 percent electrification, Congress did 97 percent and BJP only 3 percent

On April 29 this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that all the villages in the country had been electrified i.e. the country had achieved 100 percent electrification.

Even if it’s true, the Prime Minister conveniently forgot to mention that 97 percent of villages had already been electrified before May 2014, under the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) regime.

So during the Congress rule, a total of 5,71,168 villages were electrified till May 2014, with 12,030 villages being electrified every year. However, under the BJP rule, only 18,452 villages have been electrified in four years, taking the average to 4,842 villages per year.

In fact, the Congress electrified 28,700 villages in the year 2006 alone, much more than the total number under the BJP in four years.

Even if only four years of the UPA are taken, if BJP feels that they only got 4 years, then also the results remain the same. From 2009-13, former prime minister Manmohan Singh-led UPA government electrified 48,398 villages in comparison to BJP’s 18,452 villages in the same amount of time.

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BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya tried to put words in our mouth by claiming that the BJP electrified 18,374 villages in just 4 years whereas if electrification of villages had continued at UPA’s pace, it would have taken “18 years for all Indian villages to be electrified.”

Well, he seems to have done the maths wrong.

If the period between 2005-14 is seen, the UPA government’s village electrification rate was almost 10,000 villages per year, whereas in the BJP’s case, it is less than even 5,000 villages per year. Based on this calculation, the BJP would have in fact taken 25.8 years to electrify all villages.

So, before making false claims, the BJP should indulge in fact-check otherwise it is really easy to check numbers and statistics and expose their lies.

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